50 Things We're Doing In Quarantine

Hey cool cats and kittens! We've come up with a list of 50 things to do while you're in quarantine, including some of our personal favorites and things on our list! Remember to stay positive and to do your part in flattening the curve!

crafty things

  1. Cross stitching
    • Find some beginner cross stitching models at Walmart for around $5! I started doing one and am OBSESSED with it! It's a great thing to do when you want to just listen to music and not be on your phone!
  2. Painting
  3. Sprucing up your basics
    • Take your old tee shirts and crop them, iron on some patches to your jeans, or embroider a cute design onto something!
  4. Make a macrame
  5. Follow a makeup video


  1. Emma- Jane Austen
  2. This Side of Paradise-F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. #girlboss-Sophia Amoruso
  4. Mind Your Business-Ilano Griffo
  5. How to Ruin Everything-George Watsky

be productive

  1. Rearrange your room
  2. Clean out your closet
  3. Sell unwanted items
  4. Update your playlist
  5. Watch a TED talk

watch these

  1. 10 things I Hate About you
      • I've watched this movie at least 6 times over the past month. I cannot get enough of it.
  2. Tiger King
  3. The Roommate
  4. Crip Camp
  5. All American


  1. Set up a hammock to chill in
  2. Take a bike ride
  3. Walk your dog
  4. Start a garden
  5. Go on a picnic
    • makes for great IG content

in the kitchen

  1. Make a family recipe
  2. Try something off of Pinterest
  3. Make a Trifle, just don’t follow the recipe from Friends
  4. Cook a themed dinner for your family/roomies
  5. Make Kevin’s famous chili


  1. Decorate your room with a collage
  2. Hang up your hats
  3. Change your letter board to something inspiring
  4. Create a proper office for yourself
  5. Make your own wall art


  1. Throw out old makeup/ products you don't like
  2. Look into some new skin care treatments from The Ordinary
  3. Order your own personal shampoo and conditioner
  4. Make your own facemask

clean up digitally

  1. delete apps off your phone
  2. Store things you need onto a harddrive
  3. Delete photos like screenshots and blurry photos
  4. Organize things onto your computer
  5. Customize your google apps and settings (it’s kind of addicting)


  1. Plan a trip for after quarantine
  2. Make a list of places and things you want to see and do
  3. Download Duolingo and learn a new language
  4. Edit you list on Netflix to things you actually want to watch
  5. Find new music!

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