7 Staple Wardrobe Pieces You Need In Your Closet Right Now

7 Staple Wardrobe Pieces You Need In Your Closet Right Now

How often do you buy new clothing and realize that it doesn't match anything in your wardrobe? Are you one of those who may have lost track of their staple wardrobe pieces? Well, you're not the only one!

Buying less could be more reasonable for the environment, but how can we manage this? An easy solution is to make a capsule wardrobe and place a selection of essentials that match any outfit. As your style might have taken you behind during lockdown, use this time to organize your wardrobe.

So, here are some staple wardrobe pieces that you need in your closet right now!

1. Little Black Dresses

Having a little black dress in your closet is essential for timeless fashion. Black dresses have also been in style and constantly show up in popular fashion trends. The most popular styles for little black dresses this year include silky shirtdresses, date-night gowns, and buttery cashmere dresses.

2. A Plain White T-shirt

A white t-shirt is one of the top clothing that never goes out of style, and this will stay for the years ahead. It's ideal for casual wear, making layers in your outfits, and complements everything. Consider getting an organic cotton t-shirt with a low impact on the environment.

3. Ribbed & Silk Camis

Good quality camis are excellent to wear as standalone pieces and layering. It's almost the same as the upgraded form of the bra tank women wore growing up. You can match it with a pleated skirt, criss-cross jeans, or a striped button-down.

4. Sweater Sets 

Sweater sets are affordable and diverse for your capsule wardrobe. Grab a few different colors, like the pop color red, basic navy, and black. Then you can mix and match by wearing the sweater with a dress or a tank under a suit. 

5. Black or White Jeans

Although medium wash and boyfriend jeans are a popular fashion trend, it's still great to have a standard pair of white or black jeans in your wardrobe. These jeans are fabulous for casual days at work, nice dinners, and matching with a t-shirt. Stick with simple designs, like straight cut, slim cut, or flared. 

6. Skirts and Shorts

Skirts and shorts are so flexible that you could wear them in the office or for your date. Shorts and skirts have tons of designs and style which works best for the summer

Some popular skirts today include knit skirts, floral skirts, plaid skirts, and high-low skirts. For shorts, it's best to go for cuffed shorts, denim shorts, paper bag shorts, and cargo shorts. 

7. Sneakers and Flats

Loafers are trendy, sophisticated flat shoes for events if a sneaker won't click. Nonetheless, it's nice to have different and comfortable choices. So get a trainer shoe option and an easy slip-on leather pair that goes with anything. 

Grab These Staple Wardrobe Pieces Today!

Now that you've got your staple wardrobe pieces, try to maintain these pieces and make them last. Never go out of style if you have various flexible clothing in your closet. Always try to mix and match your clothes to avoid wearing the same pairs over and over again!

There are infinite choices and matches of clothing, but how do you know if they're right for you? Get to know the best styles and learn which matches you by getting in touch!

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