Cute Game Day Outfits for 2022

Cute Game Day Outfits for 2022

Game day is the perfect excuse to wear something extra stylish. Don't miss out on these cute game day outfits for 2022 here.

You've been waiting all summer for it, and now it's finally here.

Game day.

There's nothing worse than scrambling for game day clothing right before the big game. That's why we're here to share game day outfits that are perfect for hot or cold weather.

Chunky Statement Earrings With Everything

No matter what the rest of your outfit looks like, you can't go wrong with chunky statement earrings.

Matching your fun earrings to your school colors is a simple yet stylish way to cheer on your team. The longer and more dangly they are, the better! No one will ever question if you're putting effort into your game day clothing.

High-Waisted Jean Shorts With School T-Shirt

If you're ever struggling to create cute game day outfits, look no further than high-waisted jean shorts. No matter what your school colors are, jean shorts match with practically everything.

There's a lot of variety when it comes to jean shorts, too. You could wear light or dark wash, ripped or unripped, and a hemmed edge or raw edge.

An easy way to wear jean shorts is by pairing them with your school-branded t-shirt or game day tee. It's a great minimalist look for girls on the go. 

School-Branded Sweatpants

Who said sweatpants can't be cute game day clothing?

They certainly can be, especially if you sport them up with white sneakers and a fitted tank top or tee. What's even more fun is heading to the campus store with your friends and buying the same pair of sweatpants so you can match.

Complete the look with a high pony and a scrunchie emblazoned with your school's mascot.

Athletic Shorts and Knee-High Socks

Take it back to the 70s for your cute summer outfits.

Find simple athletic shorts in your school's color and wear them with socks that have three stripes at the top.

A pair of Converse and a simple tee is the perfect way to top off the outfit.

Seeing as this is a summer outfit, don't forget to bring sunscreen! Under this hot southern sun, you want to protect your skin from harm.

DIY Tye-Dye

Can't afford to buy some new tees for game day outfits? No problem. 

All you need is an old, dark school t-shirt, a bottle of bleach, and some rubber bands. Tye-dye is a great activity to do with your friends the day before game day.

Try different tye-dye methods so you'll all have unique patterns to show off on game day.

Oversized Hoodie and Leggings

Now it's on to the cute fall outfits. There's nothing better than cozying up in your giant school hoodie and leggings. Pair the outfit with leg warmers and booty heels to dress up the look. 

Just be careful in the colder weather. If temperatures dip below thirty-two degrees, take some breaks inside to warm up. Though you probably won't need to be in the south, stay inside if wind chills drop below thirteen degrees.

Style Some Game Day Outfits Today

Don't pass up the perfect opportunity to wear some cute game day outfits. Better yet, you can make it a fun opportunity to mix and match with your friends.

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