How To Layer Clothing Like A Pro

How To Layer Clothing Like A Pro

Staying warm doesn’t have to come at the expense of your style. Learning to layer clothing is essential to look and feel your best all year round. Layering also ensures that once you’re inside and safe from harsh weather, you can remove a few items of clothing and still look put together. 

Whether it’s raining, hailing, or snowing outside, use these winter clothing ideas to create the perfect layered outfit for every occasion. 

1. Creating a Warm Base 

The first step when staying warm is to create a snuggly base. The trick to keeping your look stylish is to make this layer as skin-tight as possible. 

Tuck a shirt into warm winter tights to act as a DIY bodysuit. For transition weather, you can stick to spaghetti strap shirts or t-shirts. Use turtle necks or long-sleeve shirts for winter. 

Wearing tights and a slim shirt underneath the rest of your outfit means the other items don’t necessarily have to be designed for heavy winter wear. You can wear jeans and other pants without freezing your behind off, and use lighter dresses or dress-shirts on top without needing to worry about shivering!

2. Using Summer Dresses 

You don’t have to put away your pretty dresses or cute summer skirts as soon as the temperature begins to decline. Layer spaghetti strap dresses over long-sleeved shirts to create the perfect transition-weather outfit. 

You can get fleece-lined stockings that make it look like you’re wearing sheer black tights! These stockings form the perfect base for any stylish winter outfit and give you the chance to wear shorter skirts, dresses, or shorts all year long. When it starts getting colder, use those fleece-lined tights and a cozy sweater to make your summer dress winter-ready. 

When building your outfit, look for materials that contrast each other. For example, baggier sweaters pair well with form-fitting dresses, while stiffer sweaters juxtapose flowy skirts and softer fabrics. 

3. Keeping Your Torso Warm

The key to staying warm is to keep your torso as toasty as possible. The issue that people run into when layering warm items is that the outfit quickly becomes heavy and shapeless. Sleeveless garments are not only easier to move around in, but they also keep your outfit functional and prevent you from looking bulky. 

Sweater vests introduce texture to your cold-weather outfits. Layer a crisp white dress shirt underneath a sweater vest with a thick turtle neck, or use a skin-tight turtle neck shirt underneath a V-necked sweater vest. 

Sleeveless windbreakers offer a sporty twist to this trend. These pair well with your gym outfit, and work perfectly over hoodies and jersey-knit sweaters. 

4. The Outer Layer 

Once you've got your initial layers all planned out, your outer layer becomes a blank canvas to show off your beautiful style. Have fun with this part of your outfit. Play with textures, colors, and fabrics to contrast and compliment the layers below. Experiment with different lengths and find the hemline that suits your body shape best. 

Opt for something whimsical like the Daisy Cardigan in Brown. Covered in cheerful daisies, this soft sweater is guaranteed to brighten up a chilly day. 

Looking for something playful yet elegant? We've got you covered. Why not try the sheer charm of the Romantic Suede Fringe Jacket in Pink? These pieces aren't just warm, they are hot!

Learn to Layer Clothing and Stay Warm 

Your sense of style doesn’t have to suffer just because it’s cold out. In fact, layering multiple items gives you the chance to experiment and hone in on your personal fashion sense. 

Now you know how to layer clothing, winter doesn’t have to be such a downer. 

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